No Regrets

I know I’m supposed to think of God in the last few moments of my life, but if I’m lucky, I’ll be seated on a sofa, wine glass in hand listening to Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, je ne regrette rein,’ which means, ‘No, I don’t regret anything.’ It’s not that I’m Continue Reading

About Disco 82

About Disco 82 My daughter recently told me that the Hindi song ‘Disco 82’ is being played in London’s nightclubs. The lyrics of the song go, “I’m a disco, you’re a disco, this world is a disco.” We found it cringe worthy when it was contemporary because until then Indian Continue Reading

Her Best Life

As a twenty-five-year-old mother of two daughters, I began to visualize a different future for them. As did most women/ parents of my generation. We decided to focus on their education and career so that they could be self-sufficient. We wanted to send them to the best universities, take them Continue Reading

You Do You

An interesting phrase that is trending these days is ‘you do you.’ Yet, social conditioning prevents me from always ‘doing me.’ If I avoid someone because I’m too preoccupied to make conversation, I’ll be called anti-social. If I want to stay in bed for a few days, I’ll be certified Continue Reading

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