The charm of Anamika lies in the recreation of South Bombay in the mid 20th Century.
By Westside (February 26th 2005)
Anamika is an excellent chronicle of the times.
By The Week (March 13th 2005)
Barefoot to Paradise has simple meaningful prose. It fits into the “must read” category.
Robin Sharma – Afternoon Despatch & Courier (April 05th 2010)
The characters in Barefoot to Paradise come alive through the author’s fine sketches.
By Ponnu Elizabeth Mathew – Indian Express (April 24th 2010)
Move over Bridget Jones. Naintara Verma is here.
By Savvy (June 12th 2010)
Barefoot to Paradise has lucid prose sprinkled with humour.
By The New Indian Express (July 29th 2010)
Anamika is a literary delight.
By Jyoti Punjabi – DNA (July 12th 2013)
Anamika is written with an eye for details and with great sensitivity.
By Asian Age (March 04th 2005)
In the same league as Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones Diary.
By Bangalore Mirror (May 11th 2010)
Soorina has yet again penned a characteristic novel.
By Afternoon Voice (April 01st 2010)
Barefoot To Paradise echoes life’s truths.
By Navbharat Times (April 19th 2010)
This book accurately depicts a young woman’s struggle in today’s world.
By Samna (April 14th 2010)
What an ingenious idea for a novel...a series of short stories that, in some way, link the main characters to each other. Clearly, Soorina is a very talented writer.
By Nancy O. Johanson. Copy Editor (USA)
Soorina has the one-in-a-thousand skill to write good fiction.
By Sarah Cypher. Editor (USA)
A real page turner.
By Bejamin Creppin (UK)
Blame It on Destiny is simply brilliant. It has a very interesting storyline, is extremely well thought out and well written, and provides for a great read.
By Surojit Mohan Gupta. Editor, Leadstart Publications
This witty, engaging novel is full of tricks and comic turns. It seems to be light and chatty yet it leads you through the heartfelt concerns of a stratum of Mumbai society. It seems to be simply written; it is in fact a maze in which you might even meet someone you recognise coming the other way. Read, enjoy, then read again if you've not paid attention to the signs on every corner you took!
By Anne Millen - Writer (Australia)