Soorina Desai was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She completed her graduation at the University of Mumbai in English Literature and History.

Writer, Poet

I know it’s a cliché but I have a few poems and stories that date back to 1976 when I was just seven years old. Although I enjoyed writing as a young girl; my desire to make a career out of it remained dormant for decades due to other priorities. In my late twenties I resumed writing. For a couple of years I sent my poems and articles to various publications. Then I stumbled upon a personal diary of my grandmother's that led me to explore and capture the essence of a bygone era. I decided to write Anamika, a story of love, forbidden love in the constraints of a culturally orthodox society. An ever changing social climate and its impact on the human condition through different time periods in history is a subject that continues to interest me.

“Writing fiction is a metamorphic process; a slow, tedious, often lonely journey of constant self exploration that finally leads upto a story borne out of memories, experience and imagination.”

Blame it on Destiny

Latest Release

Blame it on Destiny is a novel that questions the power of human actions over a mystical force that is believed to control one’s destiny. It is a story of five strangers connected to one another without the knowledge of the impact they have on each other. The idea that our lives are shaped by our actions and by the actions of those around us motivated me to write this story.

Barefoot to Paradise

Second Book

My second book Barefoot to Paradise belongs to the genre of character exploration. The protagonist is a young and struggling artist. It is inspired by the stream of consciousness we live with. One is so embedded in one’s own perception and construction of the universe that it is difficult if not impossible to leave that space. Barefoot to Paradise attempts to convey the disillusion that stems from discovering the difference between expectation and reality.

Birds of the Air

Upcoming Book

Birds of the Air is my leap into the unknown. A vague outline of the story had lived in my head for decades. The fantastical belief in reincarnation has been the leitmotif of many Indian religions. I decided to delve into the genre of magic realism to tell the story of three women separated by time and eras but connected by the eternal cycle of repetition and rebirth.


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